For Companies Hiring


Why We're Here exists because we saw that job listing prices were out of control.


We wanted a simple, clear platform that functioned well, a jobs hub for both job seekers and companies hiring.


With that in mind, we created $3 Job Listings that don't expire? Yup.


This is our dollar re-valuation plan, and so don't expect an increase.




CareersDojo.Com: 1970s Prices. 1990s Creativity. New Millenium Innovation.





How To Use


Using CareersDojo.Com is easy.  That was the idea.


Enter the job details.  Enter your company or association details.  Choose the right category. Hit save. You're done.


Next you're brought to a payment page. You either pay via Credit Card or PayPal.


Or, use JobDollars you have been given for free for use on our platform.






If you have been provided with JobDollars you must first create an account on CareersDojo, and then we will credit your account.


You will receive JobDollars in the amount specified in your initial offer. If the amount exceeds the value of one listing, you may list multiple times.


 When you run out of free JobDollars, call us for more. We may have more available. We have a few more of these set aside, even still!~






Each job is three dollars. Each gig is two. Training and associations are one dollar.


Listings are permanent and do not expire.




Bulk Entries


If you have many job entries to list, you can save time by sending us a file, saving you tons of time.


Prepare an XML file, as per the specifications provided by CareersDojo.Com.


Please call our main office for details, and for an example file.




JobDollars Challenge.  Our Own Referral Program


Starting out is not easy.  And, with a jobs platform, ti's a chicken-and-egg situation.


So, we're helping to both get job listings up onto the site, via our JobDollars program.


For every referral you send to us after setting up your account, we will provide you with JobDollars for free future lisings.


For every small business referred, your account will receive $6  in credits.


For referrals of an educational institution with over 1,000 students, you get an extra $27 in credits, good for up to nine free job postings.


Same goes for referring a company with over 150 employees. $27 in JobDollars. No expiration date.




Best of luck in your quest to procure qualfiied hirees and for CareerDollars!




 Will There Be An App?


Yes . Once there is a need. Otherwise, for now, we are only working to improve our platform and Customer Care.




Do you sell advertising space on (NOT LISTINGS)?


Yes. We do. And, because it's early, you can lock in discount introductory pricing for up to three years!


Please inquire for package pricing. Billing is per quarter. Ad placement slots vary in cost by position and page.




That's it! Best of head-hunting to you all!


CareersDojo.Com Customer Service Team

January, 2019 [Updated February 13,2019]